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The new favorite of PGA Tour professionals.





Players in record numbers are demanding its controllability. Designed for professionals and advanced amateurs, the new MODUS³ steel iron shaft series was developed in response to the specific requests of PGA Tour professionals. Nippon Shaft employed its renowned, world-class steel shaft technology to focus on three critical areas: achieving desired trajectory, delivering proper distance and assuring pin-point accuracy. The resulting N.S. PRO MODUS³ is remarkable for its unique bending profile. Even the most challenging professional courses can be attacked from setup to finish with confidence, thanks to the optimized trajectory, distance and direction. This outstanding shaft enables true power shots with pin-point accuracy in all conditions.

What is MODUS³? A new steel iron shaft series that delivers optimum control over three models of ball flight – trajectory (vertical/horizontal), distance and direction. Hence, MODUS³.

Trajectory control that impresses Tour pros. Pro-tour specifications and outstanding trajectory control have convinced many Tour professionals, who put their careers on the line with every stroke, to atop the MODUS³ – a new category for players seeking total mastery of the course. Now the popular Tour120 is complemented by a heavier grade Tour130. Experience its awesome power.

Intuitive trajectory control. Achieve your desired trajectory through highly stable impact made possible by the proprietary bending profile of the MODUS³. Whether swinging the standard, highly versatile Tour120 or the Tour130 for heavy hitters, distinctive mid-section rigidity brings out your power and skill to enable trajectories with reduced spin and high vertical/horizontal control.

Easy distance control. Players of every skill level can enjoy precision distance control, thanks to mid-section rigidity that is set high for the Tour130 and low for the Tour120. Nippon Shaft’s proprietary rigid design contributes to easy shots at both high and low trajectories.

Sure directional control. The distinctive butt section design improves your timing in the downswing and softens the feeling upon impact. This combines with the particular mid-section rigidity of your model to create a secure, powerful feeling when the club unloads at impact. It also contributes to a more distinctive bending profile. The gratifying result is minimal shaft wobble, performance that brings out your full potential, and consistent control over direction that inspires confident play.

Weights that satisfy Tour pros. The swing weight feeling of the Tour120 is amplified as a result of a lower balance point that enhances the power of your swing while withstanding the shock of impact. The heavier Tour130 features specifications that satisfy power hitters.