Why Nippon Shaft? Part 2 Products

Shaft companies provide specifications such as weight, torque and balance point but with every different swing, every shaft design performs differently since no two swings are alike.

Nippon Shaft offers fourteen open shaft models, in three distinct categories, that can fit over 95% of golfers worldwide during a proper club fitting.

Additionally, Nippon Shaft manufacturers many proprietary models that were co-developed and engineered with golf’s top club manufacturer.

But there are misunderstandings/confusion/stigmas that made-for or proprietary shafts are inferior to open models available to all club manufacturers. This may be the case for others but not Nippon Shaft. Why?

1. Proprietary shaft designs are created based on the club manufacturer’s head designs to optimize club performance.

2. Every Nippon Shaft steel shaft is produced on the same production line, and are sold only after final inspection of visual and key attributes, as open models.

3. Tolerances for proprietary shafts are equal or exceed open model designs.

Higher spin rates and trajectory. Made from steel, but performance and feel of lightweight graphite irons shaft.

Mid to higher spin rates and trajectory. Most popular among amateurs and most successful tour shafts, due to versatile weight range from 79 grams to 121.5 grams.

Lower to mid high spin rates and trajectory. Expansive weights from 103 grams to 129.5 grams and varied performance benefits for golfers of all skills.