Nippon Shaft Fitting Event

The Nippon Shaft Fitting Event, held on June 28 and 29 at Village Links of Glen Ellyn, was a resounding success. Despite the rain, a significant number of golfers attended, eager to receive a free custom fitting and test the N.S.PRO range of shafts. The event offered a unique opportunity for participants to experience the precision and performance of Nippon Shaft products.

A special thanks goes Jeff Vesevick, Noel Allen, Michael Campbell and to the dedicated staff at Village Links, whose efforts were instrumental in the event’s success for their exceptional support and coordination. Their commitment ensured that every golfer had a memorable and valuable experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

The custom fitting sessions were well-received, with many golfers expressing their satisfaction and enthusiasm, especially for the N.S.PRO Regio Formula driver shafts. The event not only showcased the high quality of Nippon Shaft products but also highlighted the excellent facilities and staff at Village Links of Glen Ellyn.

The event successfully brought together the golfing community, providing an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all involved.