The second N.S.PRO neo model that combines a lighter weight structure with “matching” features to optimize modern irons head designs.
N.S.PRO 850GH neo

Inheriting the key features of N.S.PRO 950GH, which is acclaimed around the world for its lightness, sharp swing, outstanding control and distance, the N.S.PRO 950GH neo was developed to maximize the performance of the latest iron heads.

The N.S.PRO 850GH neo was developed with the same ability to maximize the performance of the latest irons designs.

850GH neo’s performance has already been proven with professionals with two wins on Japan Ladies Professional Tour since tour testing started in January 2021, adding another powerful weapon for female professionals and amateur golfers.

The essence of "neo" has been injected into the N.S.PRO 850GH, which boasts a high usage rate on global women's tours. The 850GH, which has gained overwhelming support mainly on the Japan Ladies Professional Tour for its outstanding control performance brought about by its lightness and sharpness, has boasted a high usage rate on the women's global tours for close to 20 years.

neo’s weight range is excellent for weight matching with driver shafts in the 40-50g range, and is a "golden spec" that can be directly incorporated into the club settings of amateur golfers. Born with the "golden specs" of the N.S.PRO 950GH neo, N.S.PRO 850GH neo can be swung more lightly and nimbly, following in the footsteps of the N.S.PRO 950GH neo, which is highly adaptable to the latest iron heads.

The new N.S.PRO 850GH neo is a new weapon for women professionals and average golfers, combining the superior performance that has contributed to victories with its ability to maximize the performance of the larger and stronger lofted iron heads that have emerged in recent years.

With our unique MSA (Multi Shape Adjustment) technology cultivated over many years, we have also focused on the perfection of the "iron club". In addition to the high launch and proper spin trajectory that matches modern irons, we have pursued a higher degree of perfection in the sense of balance as an "iron club" with a flexible stiffness design using our own manufacturing technologies, that have contributed to the development of many popular structures. By adjusting the balance point (center of gravity) of the shaft, we have achieved club specifications that are comfortable for players transitioning from 850GH (and 950GH) and even when combined with 950GH neo. A slightly slimmer grip diameter (15.00mm = .590”) promotes a smoother swing even when transitioning to an iron head with a lower center of gravity.

The green "neo" logo is becoming iconic with the average golfer. The clear, sophisticated "neo" logo matches the current era. The "neo" logo in green, the corporate color of Nippon Shaft, is a sign of the flagship model. neo exceeds the performance that the average golfer expects from a club, as well as increasing the player's sense of pride and ownership.

N.S.PRO 850GH neo

Shaft Diameter
850GH neo