Just thought I'd drop you a line to update you on my progress with the new shafts.
Several Stableford scores in the high 30's with a 40 pointer for good measure and a 64 nett in last weeks medal.
Dropped my handicap by 2.

Allen Ibbotson

A local clubbuilder had a ZELOS 7 R flex #6 iron club to test and was considering changing from his MODUS3 Tour 120 X flex to the ZELOS 7! He plays off 4 handicap. He gave the club to another pro who "waggled" the club and said "I can't hit this." The clubbuilder told him to go ahead and try. The pro's response was one of surprise. His comment was that it felt so smooth and flexible through the swing, but at impact it behaved the way you would expect an X flex shaft to perform.

Clubfitter (Derek Murray from ForeGolf)

I took the 3 irons that were left at the shop and hit them this weekend and I'm thrilled with the performance of the Zelos 7!!! I was at an exclusive private club and had some people who were on the range hit them too and they were very impressed as well.

Clubfitter (Sue O’Connor from Cool Clubs)

I've tested them with 2 people so far with surprising results. Shot dispersion is better, launch angle higher, about 5-8 yards further. Better feel through strike, feels like a more powerful strike.

Clubfitter (Gene Fulton from the LET workshop)

I have put Zelos into a Callaway Apex iron & the signs are good!! Three people have tested against another Apex with UST Recoil graphite shaft & found your steel shaft to feel better! The customers couldn't quite tell me why it felt better but they said there was something special about the shaft. The Zelos seems to have tighter dispersion & higher trajectory. Our customers also preferred the thought of a steel shaft to graphite. Another customer had Mizuno irons with KBS Tour 90 shafts. Comparing his #6 iron with a Bridgestone #6 iron with Zelos 7 R flex, the Zelos was straighter, longer and felt better than what he was currently using. A senior golfer trying for his Senior tour card also tested it and was carrying 166 yards with no effort.

Clubfitter (Nick Hibbs from Tour X Golf)

Well I must say I will be having a set for my own use of those shafts if the whole set performs how well this baby did today, I even had a pal of mine come over and he gave it a go, we both averaged 10yds longer carry, and the dispersion was still reasonable. His comment was "wow it feels so easy and smooth to hit." Personally, I was staggered on how well it performed and how nice and easy it was to use, and another amazing feel factor was how light it is. It didn't feel like an unstable shaft at all, it just worked seamlessly. I think Nippon deserve an award for this one. We are both amazed with the quality and performance, we tried hitting it harder to see if it buckled under pressure but it still performed, but the best result were from nicely timed tempo shots whch felt effortless.

Clubfitter (James Berwick from Macleonard Golf)

These shafts seem pretty amazing. My dad found extra clubhead speed and ball speed along with a better flight for a #6 iron. I think that with the proper ball, the difference would be more than the 10 yards carry at the range. He wants to change shafts right away, so please put me down for 5-PW plus an extra #9 and #8 iron when you get them in. Very impressive.

Club Professional (Alexander Toth @AlexTothGolf)