All steel shaft models are manufactured in Komagane, Japan

Nippon Shaft may be viewed by some as a new company, however Nippon Shaft has been quietly designing and manufacturing golf shafts since 1959. With the release of the iconic N.S.PRO 950GH in 1999, Nippon Shaft has become the most popular lightweight steel shaft brand with over 30 million shafts sold.

All steel shaft models are manufactured in Komagane, Japan with all raw materials made in Japan to the exacting standards required by Nippon Shaft. There are structural and performance differences with every model however steel shaft production for all models follow the same processes.

Steel golf shaft production is series of time-intensive processes that starts with the highest quality spring steel manufactured by Nisshin Steel, one of the world’s largest steel producers.
The first major step is forming the flat, raw steel through a series of dies and welded into a tube. These tubes are then heat treated to relieve material stress.

The tubes are then stretched/thinned and cut to lengths close to the final product. Steps are formed to ensure performance features and durability requirements, then heat treated again to reduce material stress.

The last few steps to turn tubes into golf shafts are polishing the outside surface, then electroplating with nickel and chrome. Every shaft is then inspected visually as well as key attributes measured. Any defect, including small surface scratches, will be cause for scrapping.

Repeatable and reproducible processes are required by manufacturers of any products to ensure high quality and timely shipments.

We are proud that many industry leaders who have visited our plant have commented Nippon Shaft has the best steel shaft manufacturing plant.